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Meet the Booksellers!

Susan is the managing partner at CoffeeTree Books — although she prefers the title ringleader. She juggles book buying, yarn classes, and staffing; its definitely the best kind of circus! When it comes to her taste in books, she is a self-proclaimed omnivore.
Favorite author: Mary Doria Russell
Formerly a Fuller Brush Man, door-to-door typewriter salesman, typographer, publication designer and music critic.
Grant reads history, creative non-fiction, teen, science fiction, fantasy, and cereal boxes.
Guilty as charged (can't get enough of but hesitate to admit): Wrestling
Nona enjoys reading contemporary women's fiction, psychological novels, medical mysteries, and biographies! 
Guilty as charged (can't get enough of but hesitate to admit): Reality TV
Janie reads a little bit of everything. Anne Tyler is her absolute favorite author, but she does love stories with a dysfunctional family dynamic.
How you take your book: I take my books everywhere I go.
Nadine loves psychological thrillers that are dark and twisty, as well as books about families that explore the complexity, dysfunction, and strengths of relationships.
How you take your book: I like my books with dark chocolate and dark roast coffee with a hint of cream.
Nick likes books on opposite ends of the spectrum from literary fiction to comic books, with some sci-fi and fantasy on the side.
Favorite author: Cormac McCarthy or Tom King, depending on the day
Sunny is a sparkly unicorn looking for anything from children's picture books to middle-grade books. Join her for Sunny's Storytime every Saturday at 10 a.m. on Facebook Live!
Eric splits his time between reading nonfiction about boring things no one else will read and anything fantasy/sci-fi/horror/young adult. When he is not receiving treatment for his journal problem, he is no doubt listening to an audiobook somewhere. 
Asha likes long walks through the bookshelves and reading on stormy nights. Her favorite genres are dystopian and fantasy, but she's always down to try new things.
Stephanie is a freelance editor, graphic designer and hobbyist interior designer. She loves children's books–from picture books to middle grade–teen, fantasy and historical fiction.
How you take your book: With a house full of sleeping family members and a reading light
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