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Holding Three Books

A Community of Readers

At CoffeeTree Books and Fuzzy Duck Coffee Shop, we are committed to supporting local causes that impact our neighbors and community. 


As booksellers, we work diligently on promoting literacy, reading and just getting books in the hands of those who need them. We also make donations year-round to as many other great non-profit organizations as we can. This community has been very supportive of us and we want to give when we can.


  • Unfortunately, we are just one independent bookstore and must be judicious in how much we can do and to whom. Please understand that because we receive so many requests, we are not able to accommodate every organization. 

  • All donation requests must be made through this website at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the event. No donation requests will be accepted in the store. Please clearly outline what you are requesting. Upon submission of your request, you will receive an email acknowledgment of your request.

Fill out the form below. Please try to be as detailed as possible so we can provide you with the proper information when replying. 


We are unable to give donations to the following groups:

  • Political Organizations or Lobbying groups

  • Religious Programs

  • Third Party requests on behalf of another organization

  • Family or Individual emergency relief; however we do support the agencies that help families and children in emergency situations

  • Any agency or event out of our market area

Please be advised that we are unable to provide cash donations or sponsorships. Books donated may include slight damage or may be restricted from return/exchange. Please take a moment to fill out this donation request application with as much detail as possible. You may provide additional information (brochures, letters, leaflets, donation forms) via email or drop off at the store. 

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